COVID-19 Office Risk Assessment

COVID19Risk Assessment


Each staff member has their own hand sanitizer on their desks. There are Gloves, Masks and Visors provided should anyone feel this to be necessary. I have asked the staff if they feel safe in their designated office areas, they have all confirmed that they do.

Social distancing is insisted upon and signage reminds the team and visitors throughout the office.


The Team 2 office is cleaned once a week (Thursdays) and disinfectant employed. In addition, the office chairs, door handles etc are cleaned between visits from the general public. Phones (including Mobiles) Keyboards and the Card Machine are cleaned daily.

The rear of the office, kitchen & WC operate a 1 in 1 out policy, with both areas being cleaned (Thursdays) staff are asked to use the disinfectant spray provided, after each visit to either area.

There is signage reminding everyone to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.


Keys used by the tradesmen are disinfected upon their return to the office and the key cupboards are also disinfected weekly.


All visitors are advised by signage that we want no more than one person (or one couple) in the office at any given time.

Visitors are asked to take a seat on the bench as it is adequately distanced from the staff and the offer of masks being worn is made.

No property handbills are currently being printed with the website being suggested in preference.

The toilet is presently out of bounds to the public.


Applicants are asked to make their own way to the property. 2 Meter Social Distancing is confirmed before the appointment.

Our marketing states that applicants are expected to make their way to the property in question and to provide their own masks etc, Team 2 provide Hand Sanitiser.

Applicants are told not to touch anything.

When viewed property is still occupied, the resident is asked to remain outside for the duration of the viewing, the agent will sanitise the door handles etc upon departure.

Tenancy Commencement.

Where possible properties are left vacant for no less than one week between lets. Keys are cleaned. The pen is cleaned at the time of signing and afterwards.

Landlord clients are sent digital copies to save paperwork coming through the post. Where necessary the local authority is also sent digital copies of relevant post-sign documentation.


Cash is now only accepted as a last resort in favour of a Card Machine. Hand sanitiser is used immediately after handling cash/coin. Costumers are also offered Hand Sanitiser.


We are actively reducing the frequency of orders and thus deliveries, by ordering on mass rather than piecemeal. Items are left unopened for 48 hours and then Hand Sanitiser is used after the boxes are unpacked.

Maintenance Attendances.

 All the tradesmen involved with Team 2 Property Management are self-employed, as such each individual is charged with the duty of making their own access arrangements and their own bespoke Risk Assessments before entering a property for the purposes of carrying out their task.

The firms involved have been asked to make their own enquiries as to the wellbeing of the tenants/occupants and to have them social distance and better still remain outside the premises during the attendance. The regular use of hand sanitiser is insisted upon.

Staff Feedback.

Staff are asked to inform the office if they experience any Covid 19 symptoms what-so-ever or if they come into contact with anyone outside of the work place, who is a confirmed case.

Staff members are actively invited to make suggestions and raise concerns. Any vulnerable members of staff are expected to remain in Isolation until further official notice.


At the time of preparing this assessment it is understood that Devon is not an area with a high risk, although when any holiday season starts and we are visited by increased numbers from outside the South West, the Risk Will Increase.

The R-Number is 0.6 – 0.9 as of today’s date (25/06/20). Granted the recent fine weather and relaxation of restrictions will likely impact on those numbers within the next 2/3 weeks.

We will react promptly to and implement any new advice provided by Central or Local Government.