The Dreaded Tenant Admin Fee!

Many tenants are totally annoyed with certain Estate and Letting Agents tenant admin fees and rightly so in our opinion, hence our Coming to the Rescue message. Many tenants are still unaware how little we charge. Unfortunately there is a cost to tenants whilst processing and commencing a tenancy; the costs are split between the referencing, credit searching and registration of deposit.

Recently we had two individuals visiting our Facebook page who were discussing with each other, saying what a rip off agents fees were, they were having a right old moan until we popped in, stating our fee of £96.00 at which point they both agreed that was very good and reasonable indeed.

Our fees are £96.00 per adult tenant, or £96.00 per married couple. There are no tenancy renewal fees for extending the tenancy. However there is a small tenant admin fee to register the new deposit if we move an existing tenant to a new property.